Our Story

Our Story

Our Roots: the archeía Story

In the heart of our family’s journey, the archeía was born – not just as a brand, but as a philosophy, a return to the roots of what truly makes a house a home. It started in the quiet corners of our apartment during the COVID-19 lockdowns, with a simple yet profound belief: that our living spaces shape our lives, our moods, and our connection to the world.

Our journey wasn’t linear. It involved learning, adapting, and rediscovering what matters. What began with small home decor items, fueled by a passion for beauty and organization, evolved into something far greater and transformed into a haven of rare stone furniture – each piece a testament to the earth’s bounty and our commitment to preserving it.

Hemmy’s Vision

With a background in fashion design and an innate talent for transforming spaces, Hemmy is the creative soul of the archeía. Her journey in the high-paced world of fashion production and set design for top labels instilled in her a deep appreciation for the nuanced interplay of color, texture, and form – the same principles she brings to every piece.

Nima’s Digital Touch

Nima’s expertise in digital marketing and web development isn’t just about business growth; it’s about storytelling. His vision has been to bring the archeía’s narrative to life online, ensuring each digital footprint echoes the authenticity and depth of our physical creations.

Farshid’s Stone Legacy

The pivot came when Farshid, with his 30+ years in the global stone industry, saw potential in a simple DIY table. His decision to join forces with us was more than business; it was a belief in a shared dream. Farshid’s extensive network and deep understanding of stone are the backbone of the archeía’s unmatched quality.

Our Mission

We stand at the intersection of minimalism and functionality. Our designs don’t shout; they whisper elegance in clean, unembellished lines, allowing the natural grace of marble, travertine, and granite to take center stage. We believe in craftsmanship that honors the material, creating pieces that aren’t just furniture, but heirlooms, carrying stories across generations.

We invite you on this journey back to nature. In a world brimming with ephemeral trends and disposable commodities, we offer an alternative – a return to authenticity, to items that endure both in quality and aesthetics. Our pieces are more than furniture; they are chapters in the story of your life, echoing the rhythms of nature itself.

Welcome to the archeía. In Greek, archeía means ‘archives,’ a fitting tribute to our dedication to creating pieces that are as timeless as history itself. Add to the archives of your life with our products – authentic, lasting, and always in harmony with nature.


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